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Course Offerings

From Anatomy to Zoology, a comprehensive look at all the course offerings in the biology program.

Biology Course Offerings

*FYS (First-Year Seminar); SOPH (Sophomore Seminar); LAB (Lab or Field Trip Course); WRIT (designated-course offering considered to fulfill the writing requirement); CONF (discussion group in addition to primary course section); DIV (content addresses issues of diversity including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, inequality, and other related areas of inquiry as relevant to topics and careers in the biological sciences); COEX (engages students in addressing a research question or knowledge gap of interest to scholarly communities).

Courses that are unavailable in the current academic year but offered in alternate years have been italicized and noted. 

0800 Principles of Physiology Sobieraj, Andrea LAB Online
1455 Planetary Health: Global Environmental Change and Emerging Infectious Disease Smith, Katherine   Online
1855 Tropical Medicine & Neglected Tropical Diseases Martin, Kyle   Online
BIOL XLIST: NEUR 1530 Communication In the Brain: What We Know and How We Know It O'Connor-Giles, Kate    
0170 Biotechnology in Medicine Achilli, Toni Marie  CONF  
0190F Foundations: Darwinian Medicine   Tatar, Marc FYS/DIV  
0190P Pride & Prejudice in the Development of Scientific Theories Helfand, Stephen FYS  
0190R Foundations: Phage Hunters, Part I Taylor, Sarah FYS/LAB/COEX  
0200 The Foundations of Living Systems Holmes, Will/Stein, John LAB/DIV  
0210 Diversity of Life Kellner, James/Taylor, Sarah DIV  
0220 Discovering Novel Protein Folding Phenotypes of Wild Yeast Holmes, Will COEX/LAB  
0380 The Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease tbd CONF  
0410 Invertebrate Zoology Ewanchuk, Patrick LAB/DIV  
0470 Genetics  Johnson, Mark/Larschan, Erica/Reenan, Robert/Hall, Jody LAB S02-Hybrid
0480 Evolutionary Biology Rand, David CONF/DIV S02-Online
0530 Principles of Immunology Dugan, Aisling CONF  
0940A  Viral Epidemics  Atwood, Walter SOPH SEM/WRIT  
0946 Research Design + Quantitative Methods for the Health Sciences Monteiro, Kristina   **Inactive Fall 2024
0960 Independent Study in Science Writing Faculty Advisors    
0940D Rhode Island Flora: Understanding and Documenting Local Plant Diversity Kartzinel, Rebecca SOPH SEM/LAB  
1050, 2050 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell  (Grad students register for 2050) Toth, Chuck CONF  
1070  Biotechnology and Global Health Schell, Jacquelyn    
1090 Polymer Science for Biomaterials Mathiowitz, Edith LAB *Offered every other year **Inactive Fall 2024
1100 Cell Physiology and Biophysics Zimmerman, Anita/ Horrigan, Diana   *No longer offered in Spring
1110, 2220 Signal Transduction Oancea, Elena    
1140 Tissue Engineering Hoffman-Kim, Diane  DIV  
1160 Principles of Exercise Physiology Sobieraj, Andrea  DIV  
1222A/2222B Current Topics in Functional Genomics Larschan, Erica/Silva-Garcia, Carolos Giovanni   *Also offered Spring 2025 with Dr. Fairbrother
1260, 2260 Physiological Pharmacology (Grad students register for 2260) Marshall, John   S02-Online
1270, 2270 Advanced Biochemistry (Grad students register for 2270) Salomon, Arthur/Alfonzo, Juan    
1290 Cancer Biology Zhitkovich, Anatoly    
1300, 2300 Biomolecular Interactions (Grad students register for 2300) Fawzi, Nicolas WRIT Offered every other year
1310, 2310 Developmental Biology (Grad students register for 2310) Wharton, Kristi LAB  
1470 Conservation Biology Sax, Dov    
1515, 2015 Conservation in the Genomics Age Kartzinel, Tyler LAB/COEX/WRIT Offered every other year
1520 Innate Immunity Brossay, Laurent   **Inactive Fall 2024
1560, 2560 Virology (Grad students register for 2560 Advanced Virology) Jamieson, Amanda    
1565 Survey of Biomedical Informatics Sarker, Neil    
1575, 2075 Evaluation of Health Information Systems Fraser, Hamish WRIT  
1630 Big Data Neuroscience Lab Fleischmann, Alexander LAB  
1650 Structure of the Nervous System Berson, David LAB  
1945 Outbreaks and Infections: Harnessing History and Preventing Future Epidemics Dugan, Aisling    
1950 Directed Research/Independent Study - See Research Faculty Advisors LAB  
1970A Stem Cell Biology Freiman, Richard   **Inactive Fall 2024
2010A Introduction to Molecular Research in the Life Sciences Accornero, Federica    
2020 Biotechnology Science and Industry Huang, Eric    
2030 Foundations for Advanced Study in the Life Sciences DeLong, Alison/Lisi, George    
2089 Biotechnology IP Holmander, Daniel    
2110 Drug and Gene Delivery Mathiowitz, Edith   Offered every other year
2150 Scientific Communication S01: Valdez, Gregorio/Reenan, Robert; S02: Ramachandran, Sohini    
2180 Experiential Learning Industry (ELI) Schell, Jacquelyn    
2230 Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology Seminar Hoffman-Kim, Diane    
2250 Survey of Modern Therapeutics Horrigan, Diana    
2430  Topics in EEB Fuxjager, Matthew  DIV  
2860 Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease Bartnikas, Thomas  DIV  
0940G Antibiotic Drug Discovery: Identifying Novel Soil Microbes to Combat Antibiotic Resistance Achilli, Toni-Marie COEX/LAB Hybrid
1000 Quality Improvement Science and Application Monteiro, Kristina   Online
1445 Medicine in Austere Settings Martin, Kyle Denison   Online
1455 Planetary Health: Global Environmental Change and Emerging Infectious Disease Smith, Katherine   Online
BIOL XLIST: ENVS 0490 Environmental Science in a Changing World Kartzinel, Tyler    
0080 Biotechnology Management Bready, Barrett    
0100 Living Biology at Brown & Beyond Monteiro, Kristina/Hall, Jody FYS/DIV/LAB  
0150D Techniques in Regenerative Medicine: Cells, Scaffolds and Staining Achilli, Toni-Marie FYS/LAB  
0190S Foundations: Phage Hunters, Part II Zhou, Yang/Taylor, Sarah FYS/LAB/COEX  
0280 Biochemistry Holmes, Will/Stein, John/Hall, Jody CONF  
0285 Inquiry in Biochemistry: From Gene to Protein Function Sobieraj, Andrea LAB/CONF/COEX/WRIT  
0420 Principles of Ecology Witman, Jon CONF  
0430 Evolution of Plant Diversity Kartzinel, Rebecca LAB *L02 - Hybrid
0450 Evolutionary Behavioral Ecology Fuxjager, Matt   Offered every other year
0495 Statistical Analysis of Biological Data Ramachandran, Sohini CONF  
0500 Cell and Molecular Biology Valdez, Gregorio    
0510 Introductory Microbiology Dugan, Aisling LAB  
0800 Principles of Physiology Stein, John LAB S02 - Hybrid; S03 - Online
0960 Independent Study in Science Writing Faculty Advisors    
1040, 2040 Ultrastructure/Bioimaging Williams, Geoffrey LAB  
1150 Stem Cell Engineering Darling, Eric LAB/WRIT  
1155 Hormones and Behavior Fuxjager, Matt   *Offered every other year **Inactive Spring 2025
1222A/2222B Current Topics in Functional Genomics Fairbrother, William    
1295 Fundamentals of Cancer Immunotherapy Lawler, Sean    
1330 Biology of Reproduction Wessel, Gary DIV  
1435 Computational Methods for Studying Demographic History with Molecular Data Huerta-Sanchez, Emilia    
1525 Pathogenomics: Analysis, interpretation and applications of microbial genomes Siddle, Katherine CONF  
1530 Emergency Medical Systems: An Anatomy of Critical Performance Becker, Bruce    
1540, 2540 Molecular Genetics (Grad students register for 2540) Huang, Yu-Wen Alvin    
1545, 2545 Human Genetics and Genomics (Grad students register for 2545) Morrow, Eric    
1550 Parasitism: Biology and Disease deGraffenried, Chris    
1555 Methods in Biomedical Informatics Sarker, Neil/Chen, Elizabeth COEX  
1600 Development of Vaccines to Infectious Diseases Beura, Lalit    
BIOL 1610/NEUR 1600 Experimental Neurobiology Stein, John LAB  
1810 21st Century Applications in Cell and Molecular Biology Dawson, Michelle WRIT  
1865, 2865 Toxicology (Grad students register for 2865) Spade, Daniel   **Inactive Spring 2025
1885 Human Anatomy and Biomechanics Swartz, Sharon LAB **Inactive Spring 2025
1960 Directed Research/Independent Study - See Research Faculty Advisors    
2010B Introduction to Data Science in Molecular Biology Neretti, Nicola   S01 & S02 will meet on alternate weeks
2078 Regulatory Affairs in Pharma, Med Device and Digital Health Mahoney, Karen    
2135 Pharmacokinetics and Drug Design Christian, Donald    
2145 Molecular Targets of Drug Discovery Horrigan, Diana    
2167 In Vitro Models for Disease Schell, Jacquelyn    
2170 Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology  Horrigan, Diana    
2180 Experiential Learning Industry (ELI) Schell, Jacquelyn    
2240 Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology Seminar Morgan, Jeffrey/Mathiowitz, Edith    
2350 The Biology of Aging Tatar, Marc  DIV  
2240 Topics in Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology tbd    
2528 Innovation and Commercialization in Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Wearables Analoui, Mostafa    

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