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Applied Mathematics-Biology ScB (18 courses)

The Applied Mathematics-Biology concentration recognizes that mathematics is essential to address many modern biological problems in the post-genomic era. Specifically, high throughput technologies have rendered vast new biological data sets that require novel analytical skills for the most basic analyses. These technologies are spawning a new "data-driven" paradigm in the biological sciences and the fields of bioinformatics and systems biology. The foundations of these new fields are inherently mathematical, focusing on probability, statistical inference, and systems dynamics. These mathematical methods apply very broadly in many biological fields, including some like population growth, the spread of disease, that predate the genomics revolution. Nevertheless, the application of these methods in areas of biology from molecular genetics to evolutionary biology has grown very rapidly with the availability of vast amounts of genomic sequence data.

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Though she does not serve as an advisor for Applied Math, Sarah Taylor will be available to Applied Math-Biology students to assist with questions specifically related to biology courses. See our Advising Calendar if you would like to schedule a meeting. All other students interested in Applied Math-Biology should refer to the Applied Mathematics Undergraduate page to schedule a meeting with an Applied Math advisor.